Breast Reduction and Lipo Have Left Me Feeling Confident

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I had liposuction on my abs at the same time as a...

I had liposuction on my abs at the same time as a breast reduction. The reduction was needed to reduce back/neck strain and allow me to progress with more physical activity in my weight loss. I added liposuction because I was concerned that my stomach touble spot would really stick out after a breast reduction. I didn't want depression over that to set in while I was happy to get the much needed breast reduction. I am overweight and didn't by any means expect a big difference in my stomach. The idea was to retain the same silhouette I had before surgery. So far, 2 months out in recovery I am happy with the result.

Can I use a slender tone belt to firm abs 2 months in my recovery?

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I am waiting for complete recovery to rule on this question.

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