LOVE MY SMARTLIPO MPX - What a Confidence Boost! - East Lyme, CT

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I had Smartlipo MPX in June in East Lyme,...

I had Smartlipo MPX in June in East Lyme, Connecticut and I am thrilled.

I've read some of the people talking about bruising, and discomfort. I did really well. I went back to work the next day and just tried to not do too much. I had my love handels, tummy and thighs done. I was a little sore but only really bothered me when I sat on certain spots.

My clothes were looser around a month later, but now I am buying smaller sizes. I haven't lost any weight, but that's what they told me to expect.

The staff was very professional. I was really nervous, but they took their time and explained everything to me.

I am so glad I decided to have the Smartlipo. My girlfriend had the regular lipo done a couple months before me and she's not happy. She had to have general anesthesia and was all bruised and missed work. I thought she'd do better than me because she jogs and is a fitness nut. I can be a bit of a couch potato, but I don't look like it anymore!!!!! I was just getting really down on myself and didn't feel very confident about my appearance.

I am so glad I chose this and happy with my whole experience.

CT CosMedic Dr. Lane

Dr. has been doing Smartlipo longer than anyone I could find in Connecticut. I know that the laser takes longer, but the healing is faster for the patient. I wanted the new Smartlipo MPX to help me get my skin tightened, and so far, so good.

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