Liposuction in Abdomen, Waistline, Love Handles and Lower Back

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I had liposuction in my abdomen, waistline,...

I had liposuction in my abdomen, waistline, lovehandles and my lowe back. I'm happy with feeling all my clothes looser, but I'm just not sure if i feel ok removing my pressure garmnet, since everytime I do abd stay long periods without it, I swell up and it hurts a bit. is this normal? Will it stop? Should i expect the results that I can appreciatte right after I remove the pressure garment (evrything is tight and I can see a nice waistline) or is it more likely to expect results like the ones I see after long periods without wearing the garment?

I had liposcution 4 months ago and I'm experiencing swelling when I remove my pressure garment. If I wear my pressure garment thhorught 2 o 3 days when I remove it I can appreciate a nice siluette (trim waistline), but If I spend a whole day without it, at night I can expect swelling, I can no longer see my waistline and the are gets very hot (not red) but it does hurt a bit. Its a tolerable pain but its sensitive. I'm just worried about this being normal, and when can i stop wearing the pressure garment and not expect swelling and pain.
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