Had Lipo to Inner/outer Thighs 5 Years Ago with Fantastic Results.

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Five years I had lipo to my inner and outer thighs...

Five years I had lipo to my inner and outer thighs and was thrilled with my results. I think Lipo really works for very obvious pockets of fat but not for broader areas. The fat never came back.

The saddlebags I had would not go away no matter how much I dieted. I was only 95 pounds at the time and my PS was able to remove 1000 ccs. It really worked for me.


It’s been 15 months since my second round of thigh Liposuction (front/back). First time I had it done was 5 years ago in outer and inner thighs. It truly is only NOW that I am seeing the near final results. My legs still swell when I overindulge and still feel sore sometimes. Why aren't most plastic surgeons honest that it can take MORE than 12 months for swelling to resolve? A doctor here did say in one reply that it can take up to 18 months. Admittedly, maybe only with inherently more difficult Lipo areas such as anterior and posterior thighs. Thanks for your feedback!
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Results were fabulous

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