Infinite Drain

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Lipomas caused soreness, which could get painful...

Lipomas caused soreness, which could get painful on long trips. Often hurt just setting up in a chair. Without them is ok compared to before, but drainage is major problem.

I had multiple lipomas removed from my lower back area on June 22 2009. The Dr remove a mass instead of individual knots. Since then I have had drain tubes extracting tissue fluids. An average of 100cc per day for over four months now.

The Dr prematurly removed the first drain within two weeks of the first surgery. He actually stated "I probably shouldn't do this, but I am" going to remove the drain". He had to replace the drain tube, weeks later it fell out overnight, Dr said he would reopen area, carterize it & should resolve the issue with the need to drain. Nope. After 3 surgeries. This time I awake with two drain tubes and the worst pain I have ever endured.

It's been weeks since the last surgery, still draining average of 100cc per day, and NO end in sight. I have had two additional opinions which are both different from the first Dr's. outcome. I'm literally stuck. What am I to do?
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Check out Dr's credintials and past history. This should have been a simple proceedure but went terriblely wrong.

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