Stay Away from Lipodisolve

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This will be breif as it is a touchy subject for...

This will be breif as it is a touchy subject for me. PLEASE do NOT get this done. I hade it done over a year ago it was the worst experience I have ever had. It was painful, sore and then became lumpy mmmmm real nice. My husband had to massage these lumps every noght for a year until they faded. This did not work. Fat cells do not blow up it is a lie. if this was the case and all the fat melted with one needle then it would work wouldnt it.

Now all those cases or reviews that say it did work DO NOT LISTEN as the results would have been from DIET AND EXERCISE altheration not the stupid needle. I have conatcted my local television station and I am hoping they do a story on this to prevent ANYONE from not only wasting ver 3000 dollars but going through the pain and uncomfort for months on end.

There is no QUICK FIX PEOPLE.........I am against liposuction but should have just spent the money on that as thew pain probably would have been the same but healed quicker.

This needs to be taken off the market.

If you by chance like me read the reviews but want to try it for yourself anyway PLEASE pick someone that knows what they are doing as my doctor injected to WRONG are and I was also UNEVEN had to go back and get him to re do thighs yesssss can you believe it..........

Take the 3000 doallrs and go on a holiday seriously.
If i had the choice I would have rather donated my 3000 dollars to the RSPCA...


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