Light Chemical Peels - No Benefit - Denver, CO

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I have had four chemical peels in the last few...

I have had four chemical peels in the last few months, with virtually no peeling or any sort of benefit, and I'm confused as to how this could be the case.

The first three peels I had were light Jessner solutions (done with the intention that I'd be able to be back at work in a few days). The third one of these that I had, had an added layer of salicylic acid added to it. I barely any peeling/flaking after each of these.

Last week, I had a 70% glycolic peel done (left on for a few minutes), and figured for sure I'd get some peeling/flaking after this one, and even had a couple extra days of downtime to account for this. Nothing happened! I was red for a day or two, but had no flaking other than around my mouth, which is a dry area to begin with.

My skin is pretty sensitive, so I would have expected more of a reaction to these peels, and would have expected SOME turnover of my skin but. . .nothing! Is my skin just stubborn, or do I just need to be patient and go deeper? Thanks!
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