Still Loving my Good Eyesight 3 Years Later

I am so glad I finally made the decision to have...

I am so glad I finally made the decision to have Lasik correction. I had researched this procedure even back in the day when it was only experimental. I attended a lecture where they were looking for volunteers to do the procedure on, problem is back them they would only do one eye at at time, and I was in the middle of college so having my vision being altered was not a wise idea. This was back in the day when RK was the only form of vision correction.

So I am about 3 years out now and still have wonderful vision. I so love not having to mess with contacts or glasses and on the days like today when the allergy count is up, I love not having to worry about tearing lenses when I rub my poor itchy eyes.

The procedure was simple. There was some anxiety associated with it, but the staff was awesome and quickly gave me a mello pill.

IF you are considering this I suggest you go for it, just research your doctor and gt it done, you will wonder why you waited so long.

Grossnickle Eye Center

This facility was very thorough with their examination, explained why they were doing each procedure and took their time answering all my questions. Staff was kind and empathetic to the nervous anxiety I experienced and quickly offered me up some meds to calm my nerves.

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