Hyperpigmentation Still Remained After One Treatment of Laser Whitening

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For 20 years, I've had this severe...

For 20 years, I've had this severe hyperpigmentation from post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (you know, picking at the skin). It didn't bother me at first, but with frequent sun exposure without sun screen these last few years, the spot is very brown.

I am fair skin and asian. I've had one laser treatment at a top-notch laser surgeon but only saw some spots decreasing but the huge one is still very brown and apparent. My follow-up is this tuesday.

I am not sure how many sessions I need as I think the doc. was conservative with the laser settings. I am worried that there is no hope left.

I am trying Meladerm (kojic acid, etc.). How effective is it? Is there any hope for me? I am a healthy 37 asian female.

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