No Difference in Scarring, Wrinkles or Pores

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I had the "dot" laser therapy three...

I had the "dot" laser therapy three weeks ago. I still have slight redness in some areas in the shape of squares where the laser was used on a higher setting. I also still have areas of very slight difference in texture where you can see the "dot" pattern from the laser.

The laser treatment did improve some patches of hyperpigmentation, but that is the only improvement I have seen. I did the treatment with the intent to improve some mild acne scars that have been getting worse over the last couple of years (I'm 34) and to diminish the look of large pores and very fine lines. The treatment did not improve the appearance of any of these things and made no improvement in the texture of my skin that I can see.

I do have a weird indented area on my face that was not there before the laser treatment. It is about 3/4 inch diameter almost square shaped. When I went for my check up, I pointed the marks out to the doctor and she pretended she couldn't see them, said "Oh no, the laser doesn't do that" and told me I could undergo (and pay for) another laser treatment to improve the marks. No thanks.

I had a Valium and Vicodin before the procedure and topical anesthetic for 45 min. before. It was painful but tolerable. It was very expensive for the results I got (minimal results). This may work well for some, but not for me. I think I do have skin that scars easily if that makes a difference. I also have a bad breakout from the procedure that I've had for two weeks that won't clear up.

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