Erbium Treatment for Hypopigmented Scar on Lower Arm

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I had an erbium treatment on a hypopigmented scar...

I had an erbium treatment on a hypopigmented scar on my lower arm caused by a doctor who used the wrong laser for a tattoo removal. Before the treatment my scar was the same color as my skin.

After the erbium treatment the scar became slightly lighter than my skin but somewhat smoother. I've had persistent redness around my scar from the erbium treatment for the last 4 months. The doctor who performed the treatment on me said that the erbium is more aggressive than the fraxel for my case and the erbium would require less treatments so I took their word and went with the erbium over the fraxel.

What can I do to make the redness around my scar caused by the erbium treatment go away? And, what elese can I do to smooth out my scar? Should I give fraxel a try, go for another erbium treatment, or just let it be?

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The doctor could not anser my question as to when the redness would go away or what I could do to make the redness go away.

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