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8 weeks ago I had a little more SmartLipo (1/2...

8 weeks ago I had a little more SmartLipo (1/2 litre) after a previous op 5 months before (removed 1 litre). I had no loose skin but thickened areas of fat that my surgeon agreed would look better removed.

I'm really pleased with it but have noticed that although my tummy is flat and you can see my abs more, when I sit down, if I don't sit up very straight when in a bikini I'm aware of slightly loose skin.

I wore my garment for 5 weeks day and night and 3 weeks one or other. I've had Velashape 2x week since week 3 to ensure no lumps. But if I stand and lean over, the area treated this time hangs off my muscle slightly and this didn't occur after the previous op.

How long until the scar tissue forms inside which I hope will help it tighten a little and how long does it take for the superficial skin to shrink as much as it is going to?

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I'm not sure I would recommend it because of the possibility of loose skin. But my first op I didn't have this problem and this time I'm 8 weeks in so maybe it will look better in a few months time, in which case I could only make a truly informed judgement then. I'm also slim and only had 1 litre taken the first time and 1/2 litre the second off the thicker looking areas.

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