Labiaplasty Was Worth It, but Far from Perfect

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Somewhere along the line I realized I had this...

Somewhere along the line I realized I had this problem. It humiliated me and really became a personal thing. I had no confidence in the sexual arena. I was embarrassed of my body. I heard about the surgery, did my homework, and made the appointment. Did it about 2004.

I no longer feel I have this problem. There is scarring (on top of the labia which is still fat so you see it - I think she just cut the tops of them) and they're not perfect and pretty. However, this restored my confidence in myself. Didn't have any loss of feeling. If the outcome was the exact same I would do it again.

However - money and nasty receptionist aside this was EXTREMELY painful. The doctor worked with a local anestesia and I had to drive myself home sitting on a rolled up towel. I was in intense pain for the first 24-36 hours. You should also know having this procedure done is hard to hide. It's probably impossible to hide for the first two days. Thereafter the pain is in check and I got to do away with the towel, so basically I just had to be delicate and there was constant dealing with dressings and ointment.

That said, I'd do it again. But know it's not painfree or perfect results. Get someone to drive you home and if you're going to hide it take a weekend "vacation" for at least two days and stay in a hotel. I'd tell one friend so they can help get you food and meds and stuff - her help was vital.

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I usually reserve recommendations for a person or place that does something outstanding. This was not outstanding.

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