Radiesse in the Cheek Area, Nasolabial, Chin and Under the Chin

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I had radiesse injected yesterday in the cheek...

I had radiesse injected yesterday in the cheek area, nasolabial, chin and under the chin....I look like a monster. I am severely swollen and distorted. The bruising I am not so concerned because I know that will heal. I swelled immediately after the injection so the doctor told me to take benedyrl when I got home, I did. I also take arnica caps and cream, and tylenol for discomfort.

My doctor choose radiesse over restylane, I let her choose and now I am wondering if that was a mistake? I have a small face and she injected 4 syringes and I look like a monster and I realize it has only been 24 hours....but I would like any information to know how long before I look like myself or at the least, be able to go out in public?

My question and and other help anyone can give me is....how long before I will be able to go out in public? It is Saturday and I have to be at work Monday. Right now I look like I aged 20 years and ugly! I am also concerned she overfilled me and that I won't look like myself....Help!
Altousa Brandish, MD

It's only been 24 hours so I am not sure if I would recommend this doctor. However, she was patient and took her time with me.

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