Korean Chin Implant Was Way Too Big

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I had a chin implant in Korea. He scuptured the...

I had a chin implant in Korea. He scuptured the implant to fit me. The doctors made the incison in the bottom of the lower lip area (like when the dentist in giving an intection and pulls the lip in an outward postion).

After the surgery, I looked like the Madam puppet character with a long protruding chin! I could have cried! I was told that the swelling and air pockets would reside and the size would shrink.

It has been 4 weeks - the swelling has gone down some, but I still think that my chin is too long. Not only do I still look like Madam - but my smile is crocked. My left lower lip does not go down as far a my right lip when I smile. At times, I feel air in my mouth when I am talking preventing me from pronouncing all of words correctly.

The last concern is the incison in my lower mouth area left a scare that I can feel with my tongue and see. It is still tight. My doctors have told me that everything will be fine- just give it time to heal in about 4 - 6 months.

Please inform me. Do I need to wait or do I have serious concerns that need medical interventions? Why is my smile crocked?

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