Horrible Complications Long Term Tumescent Liposuction

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My life is a miserable hell it has been six months...

my life is a miserable hell it has been six months and i am in horrible pain and looked deformed.

i am 50 and my procedure was 6 months ago. i have fibro and arthritis. i signed release forms for all my medical records to be given to the doctor who did my procedure and i also told him all that was wrong with me and he still said i was a perfect candidate for this procedure. i trusted him and i didnt know he didnt even get my medical records until a couple of months ago when i asked him he said no he just took my word on it.

i am still having swelling and pain 6 months after my tumescent lipo plus i look deformed i have fibromyalgia and aarthritis, i had a cat scan but it showed up that i was healed my life is ruined by the constant swelling, pain, and by the way i look any suggestions out there please help i am desperate
dr. stephen becker

see all the info above

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