Juvederm on Sides of Mouth and Under Eyes

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I had folds on the sides of my mouth that i hated....

I had folds on the sides of my mouth that i hated. that is all i saw as I looked at myself. I found a reputable plastic surgeon and I had on vial of juvederm injected in both sides.

The results were instant and i was happy. But new little folds have developed (3 weeks later) and the doctor suggested that i massage them. When i massage them, it moves around and sometimes looks ok. But i'm wondering if this is normal and if this doctor could have injected it in a way so it wouldnt move. He had suggested I needed a vial on each side but that was unaffordable for me and I thought i'd listen to his advice which is to get a little at a time.

I'm definitely happy but it still doesnt look right. I'm tempted to go to a spa that is a lot less expensive to get the area filled in some more. Then i had my undereyes done with one vial. that was 6 days ago and my eyes are still black and blue. Its going away but it's hard to tell how it will look.

I'm also concerned about the price of juvederm. I see it on the internet fairly cheap compared to the 600 cost of one vial and i'm wondering if there are qualifed people to inject it at a lower cost.

I'm supposed to go back for a followup and was intending on getting my nasolabial folds done too. Maybe the problem is the doctor is suggesting 2 vials for these procedures and I can only afford one. I think I look better and that is definitely worth it. Does everyone have these lumps to massage? Thanks :o)

Updated on Oct 6, 2009
I've had 2 vials of juvederm in my mouth facial lines, one shot of botox in my chin and one vial of juvederm under my eyes. I'm happy with the results but feel I need more both to correct these areas and also for other areas. I can't afford it at $600 a vial. Do you think maybe the price will be reduced soon?
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