Juvederm for Tear Troughs--what a Difference

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I'm a 48 year old male with relatively few...

I'm a 48 year old male with relatively few wrinkles, but I've had sunken eyes since the age of 15 that have always bothered me. In reading about restalayne and juvederm, I found out that they were able to fill in the tear trough to take away that "constantly tired" look.

WOW--what an amazing difference. There was no pain to speak of, it was pretty quick overall, and I was lucky to have zero bruising and almost no swelling. I even went out to dinner with friends 6 hours after the procedure. I can't believe what a difference it made--I look well rested and quite a bit younger. Geez, something that aggravated me for more than 30 years was gone in about 30 minutes.

There was no down time at all. I would just recommend to people that you find a PS who is VERY good with a needle, and who understands the aesthetics of the eyes to get a natural look. The PS I went to was recommended by Allergan (maker of juvederm) because he has done more than 5000 injections.

Not one person has asked if I had anything done, but so many people have asked me if I have been on vacation, or to tell me how good my skin looks. I give this whole procedure 10 thumbs up.

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