Juvederm Injected in the Chin - Gum and Jaw Pain

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Three months ago I had juvederm injected into the...

Three months ago I had juvederm injected into the folds on my chin on each side of my mouth. Only one syringe was used. About a month ago I noticed pain in my gums and jaw on the side which received most of the juvederm. The pain has worsened and I have been to my dentist twice with no result. I will be getting another opinion from a dentist this week.

Can juvederm seep into the gums and teeth? Is the juvederm injection a feasible cause of the gum and jaw pain after three months?

Newport Beach Plastic Surgeon

Although he is a very respected plastic surgeon, I do not think he takes the "individual" into consideration. Also,I probably was not spending enough money for him to take a lot of time.

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