Juvederm Allergy (Tear Troughs)

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No swelling, etc, looks great. An hour later I...

No swelling, etc, looks great. An hour later I developed an allergic reaction- blisters,swollen palms and soles,face and inside eye lid red raw,numb swollen tongue also with blisters,faint and unwell.Ended up in A&E.

I had Radiesse injected in my face last year and Restylane 6 years ago and never had any problems.Good result but serious allergic reaction. Wanted to fill tear trough area. Would never use again but want an alternative.

I am frigtened but in 6-9 months time I will need to be topped up and would like to go back to Restylane.Putting hylauronic acid aside is there differing ingredients in each filler as I am trying to work out whether it is the hylauronic acid I have suddenly developed an allergy to or another ingredient that makes up Juvederm?

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Not doctor but product's fault.

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