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I have thought about improving my apperance for...

I have thought about improving my apperance for years now and finally after a lot of research took the plunge. After reading on here I nearly read myself right out of doing it. I took all my questions (many) with me to the Doctor who I research throughly( also saw him on TV local news) and have had Botox done by him prior.

I had two syringes for my severe nasolabial fold, creases in upper lip, upper lip slight enhancement and a bit to the corners of my mouth which turn down.

My mouth has always turned downward and when I smile my upper lip goes away and my mouth would slightly raise. I looked stupid. He also put two units of Botox in the corners to help with the pulling down that my mouth tends to do.

I can't begin to tell you how pleased I am with the results. Very little swelling-I have a upper lip-I can smile and my mouth looks like I am smiling and I look as happy on the outside as I feel on the inside. He put cream on my face to help numb-q-tips with numb cream on the inside and then 6 injections on the inside of my mouth. All basically painless except for maybe two that only were a slight pinch-can't even call that pain.

All the outside injections and there was probably 12 or so were either completley painless or a once again a tiny prick. I have hurt worse eating a tortillia chip and having it stick into a gum. I know we all have different levels of pain tolerence but I have had tattoos and rootcanals that made this procedure a skip through the park.

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I researched his background-double checked it-he answered all my questions-I know he was busy but he never rushed anything and he never allows anyone but himself to do any of the procedures he offers.

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