Lower Lip Very Uneven -- Staying Optimistic

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I just had Juvederm injected into my lips to fill...

I just had Juvederm injected into my lips to fill them out (about 75% to 80% was injected into upper lip). It has only been about 24 hours, so I know that I have to wait for swelling to go down before I have any major concerns, but so far the results have been very noticeably uneven. I am hoping that over the next day or two the "uneveness" will work itself out, and that optimal results will be evident in about a week or two. I am trying to stay positive.

My cosmetic surgeon injected about 25% of 1 syringe of Jevederm into my lower lip. About 5 hours after the injections, the swelling in my lower lip went down completely - it looked the same as it did before. This morning (13 hrs. after) my lips were so swollen that I had to call in sick to work. My lower lip is very swollen on the right side only. I have tried massaging it, but a noticeable lump remains in the lip and in the area between my low. lip and chin 24 hours later. Please advise. Thanks

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Even though I do not have the results I was hoping for now, I am very hopeful that once all of the swelling goes down, it will look great. I truly trust my doctor.

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