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I wanted to get rid of the smoker's lines around...

I wanted to get rid of the smoker's lines around my mouth, and I got a little bit of Botox and one syringe of Juvederm injected into my upper lip. It was VERY PAINFUL, even though my doctor injected the inside of my mouth with Novocaine (I think that's what it was) *four times*!

I could totally feel the needle going in and pushing the Juvederm in. Maybe the doctor just put the needle in too slowly, or maybe that's the way they do it, but I do NOT feeling a needle poke poke poke and then JAB in with searing hot pain. I was crying!

The doctor was holding onto my lip but the rest of my body was pulling away! I don't really know if I like the results yet. Maybe it takes awhile to show up?! I doubt it! For all the pain and money, it just doesn't feel worth it right now. I'm actually thinking of trying to do it again, with a different doctor, and maybe with a different type of filler (like fat or collagen or something). I don't think it was worth it!

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I feel that the severity of the pain could've been reduced by sticking the needle in more quickly and using better "numbing" medications/agents.

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