Facial Filler for Men - I Have Tried Many of the Fillers with Success

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I'm a 52 year old male. I am an exercise buff...

I'm a 52 year old male. I am an exercise buff with a 30-something body, a youthful spirit and a 52 year old face.

I have tried many of the fillers with success. I also use Botox in the forehead and around the eyes - with success. I'm very happy with the over all results and it has improved my self-esteem.

I believe the secret to the success of these products in the quality of your doctor. When he/she is coming at you with that syringe to stick you in the face, under the eye, etc. you better have done your research and have a lot of confidence in your doctor. Be an educated consumer - research the doctors beforehand - get references. I believe a dermatologist or plastic surgeon wold be better equipped for these procedures.

Also expect a little pain, a little swelling and redness. This lasts 2-4 days for me usually. Unlike the women who can cover this up with make-up, I reduce my public exposure right after the procedures. I am also very light complected so I think darker complexions with less tendency for bruising may be better.

The first time is also the worst. I'm found I need less filler each time I go and the procedure is less scary with each visit. My doctor also believes less is more - you can always go back after the swelling is down to have a little more added. This approach is also more natural looking. Again, I really like my doctor and she goes out of her way to make me feel comfortable. I hope these comments are helpful.

Miami Dermatologist

She's very skilled and concerned about the comfort of her clients. Very pleasant personality too.

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