Juvederm for Dark Circles

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Hello, I had juvederm injected under my eyes in...

Hello, I had juvederm injected under my eyes in order to try and correct the dark circles i had that looked like bruises under my eyes. I was told by raising the hollowness it would get rid of the dark circles. All it did was make it look worse and i have been stuck like this for over a year with bags and dark circles.

I got the procedure done in july 2008 which is well over 15 months ago and the juvederm hasnt dissapeard at all.. I can still see the lump of it in there.

Terrible. The whole reason i did it was because I am a male and tired of wearing makeup to cover up the brusies under my eyes. All it did was make the brusies raised and more apparent.

Its been over 15 months and the juvederm has not gone away at all! Why is this not going away? I thought it only last up to a year? It's been well over a year and nothing has changed. When will this go away? Is it permanent?
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Probably lied about ever doing that procedure before .. I was probably the test rat

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