Just Had Smart Lipo Today

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So I'm now on the ride home from my smart lipo...

So I'm now on the ride home from my smart lipo procedure. I live in MA but went to Avon, CT to {edited: provider information appears above the review for registered users} and I must add that he is fantastic.

My appt was at 2 and I was taken into the procedure room at exactly 2. I was done by 4:15. It went very smoothly, infact some areas tickled. I know, it sound crazy but I'm a super ticklish person ad I was laughing so hard I made the Dr. laugh as well.

More about the procedure, the most uncomfortable part was the administration of the lidocane. Not the original needle injection, but the part where they go under the skin with the canula to administer it all over. After that party was over they used the laser to melt the fat. They were able to extract 600ccs tom me and I'm only 5ft 115lbs. After they melt the fat they go back in with another canula and suck out the fat, and that's the part that tickled! Then they put gauze on you.

Sorry, that was from my iphone. But anywho, after...

Sorry, that was from my iphone. But anywho, after they gauze you and compression garment you you're off to the recovery room for juice and cookies.

I was only in there for about 15 min and then I asked My Dr. if I could leave, he gave me the go ahead so my fiance and I left.

The first night was a little sore, as was the second day. I did end up taking some pain medication and slept a lot. It's the third day and I'm doing great!! A lot less sore, and A LOT of the swelling has gone down! I'm still super swollen and a bit bruised but the results were almost instant! I can't wait to reach the 6 month mark and see the results!! Already I'm so happy with them.

Now when I started I was about 115 and 5'1, I did it because I had recently had a baby and I've ALWAYS had trouble fat spots around my belly.

The pros were that the Dr. and staff were awesome, the facility was beautiful, they were cleanm fast and efficient, and the pain was minimal.

Cons: none.

Dr. Martin Savage

Extremely thorough, professional and expeienced. He has a wonderful personality and bedside manner.

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