Acne Left As an Extra Bonus to my Even Skin Tone!

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I had Isolaz preformed on my facial area to help...

I had Isolaz preformed on my facial area to help with my acne scaring and red complexion. Because I am a pale redhead, any little irritation seemed to leave a mark and really showed. I work in a field where pictures and tv ads showed this. I also had isolaz hair removal concurrently on my underchin to work on the 'pregnancy' hairs that never really left after the baby was born. He is five now- and the hair remained!

My skin rejuvination was amazing. I had never looked so fresh, even as a teenager. As an extra bonus, not only did my acne scaring vanish with my freckles and redness, but I also had no new acne at all. I had breakouts every month around my cycle, and had zero the entire time of my isolaz treatment. My hair is much lighter and thinner and grows less quickly.

The procedure itself took about 10 min. for the face and 3-5 for the hair removal. The short time the of procedure was a plus with scheduling. For me, it took anywhere from 2 hours to 24 hours for the residual redness from the procedure to subside, and it depended on the person preforming the procedure. I only had one treatment that resulted in bruising. I did 6 treatments of each (hair and face).

I experienced discomfort on my facial areas that were more sensitive. The areas such as my cheeks and chin were far less sensitive and had almost no discomfort associated. The results lasted months and months and were well worth the price. The only con of short discomfort and skin healing are far exceeded by the lower cost and zero downtimo of isolaz in comparison to other resurfacing options.

Dr. Virginia Stevens

I have had other procedures with this Dr. and had some before I became a client of hers. The difference? She is a skilled artist. Her practice is both proffessional and welcoming. Most important, not only does she know what she is doing technically, she also has an artistic ability that was missing from any others I have worked with.

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