Jawline microliposuction

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I had neck/jawline microliposuction 4 mo's ago @...

I had neck/jawline microliposuction 4 mo's ago @ now need a lower face/necklift. I have lost most of my normal contour on the left side and wonder if a small jaw implant might be necessary along with the lift? I also have assymetry between the 2 sides. The left side of my face looks 20 years older.

I ageed to it because the ASPS surgeon said I could avoid a facelift by having this done. No detailed explanation was provided and the consent was signed with my pre-op on board. (I actually have no idea what I signed)

I was there for another procedure,which I had researched and signed with all of my faculties present. It was offered free of charge as I had flown across the country for a revisional procedure which I found out upon arrival he could modify only slightly.

Well, I have had a lowerface & neck lift with a...

Well, I have had a lowerface & neck lift with a reputable (different surgeon) & I have obtained some improvement, but didn't receive the improvements I had hoped for. The Dr. who did the liposuction removed all of the fat in my chin/ at the sides of my chin/ lt. buccal area/ prejowl sulcus/jaw body & neck. I require fat transfer to the face (where the fat was removed}, some probable jawline augmentation- implants-to put back some structure & an attempt to put fat back in my neck (cobra neck deformity). I am trying to remain optimistic at this point, but lose hope some of the time. I continue to be very angry at the Dr. who performed the microliposuction, as all I consented to was a few fat cells removed from the sides of my neck. The Dr's I have consulted with say that this Dr. doesn't know what he is doing anymore, likely r/t age....I have found out that he is still working????
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