Invisalign Isn't Too Bad if You Are Aware of the Timeline

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I am 26 and have been doing the invisalign...

I am 26 and have been doing the invisalign treatments for about a year and a half now. Before you sign up for this, make sure you get a general timeline from your orthodontist so you know what your expectations should be. I didn't think to ask this and was under the impression that you wear the aligners they give you initially and it will be over. For me, I wore the aligners (24 of them) and during this had some teeth shaved down since there was overcrowding in the front. Then they gave me 8 refinement aligners to do the last bit of movement. I recently went back thinking that I was finished and they want to do more shaving to make the teeth more rounded and I'll get ever more refinement trays. Hopefully that will be the end.
I only had some pain in the beginning, I couldn't close my jaw all the way with them in and it was bothersome for about a week or two. Now when I have the aligners out, it feel strange to be able to close your mouth all the way. Some of the aligners are more painful than others and I occasionally file the edges with a nail filer so they don't irriate my gums. The shaving of the teeth was not fun and I had to do this about 3 times, but they do numb your mouth. Over time I became used to them and have become a pro at popping them in and out. And most people don't even realize that you have them in and if you tell them, they soon forget.
I paid a high price because I paid for a package deal. It included the retainers for afterwards, a $600 whitening treatment, and as embarassed as I am to admit I was swayed... a laptop. Before you buy into a package deal like this make sure you recieve a breakdown of what the prices are separately so you can find out how much you're really saving.
I recommend it for those who have always longed for straight teeth but can't bear to wear metal braces. It's a longer process than I expected, but it will be worth it in the end.

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