Invisalign - Worried About Progrss and Buttons Still Not Attached After Tray 6

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I'm on invisalign tray 6 of 17 for uppers and 6 of...

I'm on invisalign tray 6 of 17 for uppers and 6 of 20 for lowers. Two of the teeth on the lower trays have impressions for buttons. However, it will be tray 9 before my next appointment and the ortho still hasn't attached buttons to my teeth.

Is it normal to have impressions for buttons, but not have anything attached to my teeth for them to grab? The buttons were meant for smooth teeth that are hard to rotate (incisors?). Also, my monthly appointments consist of about 5 seconds of the ortho looking at my bite. I don't take out the trays or anything. Then he implies I'm not wearing them enough (i'm doing about 21 hours a day). How much time does it take to properly evaluate the invisalign progress?
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