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I started invisalign in february of 2009, and i...

I started invisalign in february of 2009, and i will be finished in september. I never had braces of any kind before starting this so i was a little nervous. My teeth weren't horribly crooked, but i was always annoyed at the fact that all my friends had braces growing up and had perfect teeth and i did not. Also i'm 22 years old and didn't want the appearance of metal braces. Having only 6 weeks left to the day, i decided i wanted to share with others how happy i am i chose to do invisalign.

I will say there are times where it's uncomfortable, but nothing i couldn't handle. The first day i thought "what did i get myself into?". But the feeling of a new aligner is something you get used too. The very first set of aligners were uncomfortable for about two days, then i got completely used to it. After that it only hurts for the first day on a new set of aligners. I switch my set every two weeks. I only had to go to my dentist every 6 weeks to get my next three sets.

I keep my aligners in for a majority of the day, some days longer than others. (as i am a 22 year old college student, and sometimes i go out for drinks with my friends for a few hours and leave them out the whole time) You're suppose to wear them (according to my dentist) 22-23 hours a day. Everyday is different for me. I've kept them out for long hours at a time and i can definitely tell as its tight when i put them back in, but it was fine.

I do miss chewing gum and snacking, but i'm so used to not doing it now that i probably wont even go back to it! its kinda a great diet in a way haha.

People comment me all the time on my smile now, and i'm very happy with it, and it's not even complete yet. That makes all the uncomfortable times worth it. Im very glad i did it

I hope this review helped :)

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He knew what he was doing, very well trained. The experience went very smoothly with everything he did.

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