Overall a Great Procedure - 10 Lower and 7 Upper Aligners

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Relatively painless, I initiated treatment to...

Relatively painless, I initiated treatment to straighten my lower front teeth...initial cost was $5,000 half of which was thankfully covered by insurance.

The Invisalign Express treatment in my case involves 10 lower and 7 upper aligners. I required two "buttons" on my lower teeth. Treatment has also involved some "shaving" of a tooth so it could slide into place. Initial schedule was 20 weeks (two weeks per aligner) but has been extended about eight weeks because some teeth weren't moving as planned. I was a little surprised at the added cost for retainers to be used after the treatment is complete.

From the posts on this site, it would appear the "price" of Invisalign treatment is negotiable. Also, I think once the treatment is done, there are other cosmetic procedures to be considered for a "perfect" smile...fillings or veneers...so the intial treatment might only be the beginning depending on what your goals might be.

New Age Dentistry

Very professional staff and well-appointed facilities. The office utilizes technology well to both monitor appointments and provide reminders.

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