Over Two Years In...almost Finished...very Happy.

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I am probably the most severe case to ever be...

I am probably the most severe case to ever be treated with Invisalign. Overcrowding, misalignment...seriously, I started with a Ferengi smile. I looked into Invisalign about 10 years ago and the dentist told me I was not an acceptable case.

Apparently, the use of bumps and other advances allowed my current dentist to accept me for treatment. I told him I wasn't looking for perfection, just a decent smile. He agreed and did all he could to remain positive throughout.

I did my part and wore the trays consistently for about 20 hours per day. (Lost a few pounds doing this...as an add on benefit). The only pain I felt was minimal, usually during the first day of a new tray set.

Invisalign works without a doubt, but you have to want it. Simply put, if you don't wear the trays it won't work. I understand why they are reluctant to treat kids with this as I don't think they have the discipline to continue. The first couple of trays are the worst...but trust me, you will adjust and adapt.

Lastly, as odd as my teeth were...very few people realized I was even wearing my trays......and guess what...no one really cares! Ask yourself this, would you think any less of a person for wearing braces/invisalign?

The only reason not to do this is cost.

hope this helps.

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