Not Happy - I felt I was being aggressively sold the Invisalign product - Sydney, Australia

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From the start I felt I was being aggressively...

From the start I felt I was being aggressively sold the Invisalign product. At my dentist's urging I did get the trays. 20 for the top. 11 for the bottom. Like so many others I wasn't told about the buttons or the need to wear a retaining wire after the treatment ended.

I was originally quoted $$2250 but this was then doubled to $4500. I wasn't alerted to how much the trays would cut my gums nor how tight they would be. My first upper trays could take as long as 20 minutes to remove. The trays did seem to be moving my teeth but quite early on some failed to fit properly. My dentist did move some buttons but not others which was puzzling and frustrating. In the end life took over and finished the Invisalign process for me. My marriage broke up at about tray 9 and due to the stress I was experiening I kept forgetting to use the trays. After reading these comments I'm quite relieved I didn't persist.

To add insult to injury my dentist got cross with me for not persisting and took it out on me by de-scaling my teeth so vigourously my gums bled and hurt for hours afterward. She thinks I should restart the process which means forking out another $4500 because my time limit has lapsed. I've been reading these comments to help me make a decision. I'm thinking "not a chance". It's too expensive, too uncomfortable and inconvenient as others have pointed out. And the results seem to be inconsistent.

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She is generally a good dentist. But her zeal for Invisalign seems to affect her judgement.

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