Juvederm Great the Second Time!

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First experience of Juvederm in November. I had...

First experience of Juvederm in November. I had a "frown" line in my chin and marionette lines round my mouth. It was done by my dermatologist so I trusted her.

I bruised very – very bad on my chin. A dark purple like I have never seen, and there was nothing to cover it up. After about 10 days it went away and the results were OK, not great.

Glutton for punishment, I decided to give it a 2nd try. Corners of my mouth touched up and my upper lip for small lines. I was petrified I would bruise again. It was a PA that did the injections this time. She took a lot of time talking with me about my concerns her experience, etc. Pain was minimal.

The results? NO bruising at all. She also gave me an ointment for bruising (vitamin K) but I didn’t even need that. That night my lip on one side was huge and noticeable. The next day still pretty big but on one side only - I think I am more aware of it than others. I find that massaging it helps for a while and then it looks big again. The corner of my mouth looks great. I am hoping that the swelling will go down quickly.

Overall I am happy with it the second time. Defiantly depends on getting the right person to do the job.

Morphosis Rejuvenation Studio - Heidi

Took her time and listened to me and my concerns. She was skilled. Pain was minimal and the results great - especially the non-bruising!

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