Disolving Juvederm for "Chipmunk Cheeks"??

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I had juvederm a month back, and overall I'm...

I had juvederm a month back, and overall I'm satisfied with the results-however, I had the doctor inject a little bit in one of my checks, and now I have a bit of the "chipmunk" look.

I understand there is a substance to disolve juvederm, and that it disolves the hyaluronic acid. Does it also disolve your own hyaluronic acid, too? And if it does, does it come back?

I saw a dermatalogist about it and he said he wouldn't inject me because he doesn't know at what depth the other dx used. (The other dx is out of state, otherwise I would go back to her).

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I think she's skillful with the injections.

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