IPL Not So Great for Age Spots on Tan/island/asian Skin

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I'm a medium tan island girl with a...

I'm a medium tan island girl with a Fitzpatrick skin score of IV. I wanted to do IPL to get rid of age/brown spots that are so common with women of my decent.

I had the procedure done by a reputable facial plastic surgeon and was warned my skin type is not ideal for IPL. It works on 'contrast of the skin and the age spots'. His machine was able to adjust to a very conservative level but I still had some side effects. I had unusual scabbing that looked like patches of pepper flakes on my face. Definitely hideous and lasted about 5 days. Then when they peeled it left hyperpigmentation which is common if your skin tone is too tan. The age spots turned dark and 'flaked' off only to leave the exact same spot again.

One month later I have increased acne and dermatitis. The hyperpigmentation I'm treating with OTC hydroquinone. Oh well. The surgeon said it would take at least 3 sessions to see any improvement but that's just too much money for something that was never really meant for my skin type.

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Very knowledgeable and did warn me it wasn't for me. I just wanted to 'zap' away my age spots.

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