IPL Burn 9 Months Ago and Still Dark Pigmentation Doesn't Lighten

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Hi, I had an IPL done 9 months ago and was burnt....

Hi, I had an IPL done 9 months ago and was burnt. it created an irregular pigmentation on my skin that I still can't get rid of after 9 months. It almost looks greyish compared to my yellowish tone skin that wasn't affected. I read more stories on here about how it's not even suitable for dark skin and I have grade IV skin (mexican).

I've been doing peels, glycolic and salicylic to get rid of it along with hydroquinoine 4%, Vitamin A and nothing has helped. It's actually lightening everything else but where I got the IPL. Can I get rid of it?

I'm assuming that not even several peels aren't going to get rid of it so I'm not considering getting a Yag laser to get rid of this dark pigmentation. I'm just hoping that this isn't permenant. any advice on what I should do?

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