IPL to Treat Rosacea

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I just had my second IPL treatment a week ago and...

I just had my second IPL treatment a week ago and I'm totally satisfied with the results. I wanted to do this to treat the redness and rough skin from my rosacea. Not only did it virtually eliminate the redness, my skin is much smoother, firmer, pores are smaller & lines on my forehead are gone.

I paid $900.00 for a 3 treatment package and will do my last treatment in 3 weeks. I'm 48 years old and 2 friends asked me last week if I'd lost weight. Nope, but my face is just so much tighter; the IPL stimulates collagen production--it worked great for me.

Skin Benefit & Nail Solution

This was performed by an esthetician in a spa. she was trained by the physician who owns the equipment. She's very experienced and professional with this treatment.

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