I Don't Understand the Hype About Juvederm (Top Lip Lines and Corners of Mouth)

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Personally I am very disappointed with the results...

Personally I am very disappointed with the results of my juvederm. It has been 3 weeks. Considering all the brusing on my face and top lip I would have expected better results. I still have the exact same lines on my top lip and the corners of my mouth.

I can feel a solid line of juvederm that runs the length of my bottom lip, so it does look puffy. I only had one line on the left side of my nose. I can feel the juvederm above the line. I can also feel juvederm on the right side of my nose where I never had a line. I was very bruised on my chin and all of my lines are still there.

My doctor is a very well known Plastic surgeon in Orange County so I am baffled when I read how happy people are with their injections. He supposedly used 4 injections on me. I wouldn't know because I had this procedure done while I was still asleep from having 33 year old silicone implants removed and replaced.

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For the money I spent which seems excessive compared to other prices I have seen on this web site I am very unhappy with this procedure. I didn't go out of the house for 10 days because of the bruising I looked like I had been punched in the mouth.

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