I Am Very Satisfied with Radiesse for Laugh Lines

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Last night I had my second Radiesse treatment. My...

Last night I had my second Radiesse treatment. My first was in October of 2008, and although I felt the effects from the first treatment were  holding up well, I wanted a little touch up.  After being numbed with a topical cream, I was injected through the top surface of my skin.  A total of two vials were used during each procedure, and since they had been mixed with lidocaine there was virtually no pain.  My doctor explained to me as he went along what he was doing.  He allowed me to check with a mirror to make sure I was happy. 

Also, it's worth noting this time I did not experience the bruising that I did in October. I think that may be attributed to the fact that two weeks ago I stopped taking vitamin e and a daily baby aspirin which will thin the blood...this is total speculation on my part.  When done, I was given an ice pack to hold on my cheeks. 

I am DELIGHTED with the results. I am 52 years old, and my laugh lines, and small wrinkles around my mouth have virtually disappeared, and overall I have a much more youthfull appearance. Next, I am going to try Sculptra which evidently lasts even longer.

Livingston Physician

My Doctor is very skilled in this procedure. I felt he took the time to fully explain the pros and cons of my different options. I felt while performing the procedure he was patient and did not rush. He gave me a realistic evaluation of what I could expect.

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