Chin Implant to Give my Face a More Aligned Profile

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Hi, I had a chin implant previously to give my...

Hi, I had a chin implant previously to give my face a more aligned profile.

I had originally envisioned a 'hollywood chin' i.e one where the lower lip is alligned to the chin. (Think Lucy liu's chin for eg)

Nevertheless, a few months after surgery, I find that my side profile is still weak (stronger then before but still weak). My Dr did not want to put in a larger chin implant as he said it would look unnatural, and there would be a 'gap' between the lip and chin implant especially when i smile.

- lack of using imagery to clearly envision the dr's and patients idea of outcome

- i did it because i wanted a stronger side profile

- my chin is originally slightly weak (it is not severe)

I just wanted to ask for a second opinion regarding how chin implants impact your side profile especially when you smile and how large you should go/ how far you should differ your chin from your original one.
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i think if you do want to go to him you have to be very very very clear on your idea of what you want and his idea of what hes planning to do for you. pictures, imagery would really help because words have different meanings to different people.

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