Waiting for Full Fraxel Laser Treatment Results

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Just got the Fraxel Laser done a few hours ago. It...

Just got the Fraxel Laser done a few hours ago. It didn't hurt that bad. They put numbing cream on my face and I had to sit and wait for about an hour and then I got the treatment done. It started to hurt a little but nothing I couldn't take. My face was really swollen and red. Its still really red. Tomorrow the swelling is supposed to be worse but its ok. They gave me some Cetaphil stuff to use which Im not happy about because Noxzema has been working good. And I can't use the medicine I've been using for like 2 weeks. I'll see though. Just have to wait and see how everything goes.

Don't think Mansfield is gonna happen. But I don't know. I just called the place and asked if it was supposed to help the redness and spots because thats what really makes my face look bad and she said yeah. She said my face should be back to normal on Monday but the stuff is still working on the outside so it might take longer to see results, and if thats the case I'm not gonna go to Mansfield.

I've been thinking about getting a spray tan. I'm pale so you can really see all of the spots and everything, if my skin was darker it might look better. I can't get a real tan because it'll make the spots deeper. So I might just get a spray tan and see how that works.

So I'll check on all that later and we'll see how everything goes.Face is very swollen after treatment is done and will be swollen worse the next day. Face will stay red for a few days. Actually doesn't hurt that much. I have redness and purplish dark spots on my cheeks from acne which is why I got it done.

How Long to See Full Results After Fraxel Laser Treatment?
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