Breasts Uneven After 2nd Augmentation (700cc Silicone Memory Gel)

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I am unhappy with my uneven breasts after my last...

I am unhappy with my uneven breasts after my last breast surgery in May 2008. I was 30 years old and had 2 children when I had my first surgery. My size was 34B (small B) and my doctor recommended 340cc saline implants. I wanted larger, but he didn't recommend going too large. He put in 325cc and 340cc in each breast.

Last year I decided to go larger as I found the 340cc too small for my frame and found I was constantly wearing padded, push up bras to get the look I wanted. I went back to my same doctor and we agreed on 700cc silicone memory gel implants. My doctor never discussed the original 15cc size difference and since he was my original surgeon I never questioned the size issue.

3 weeks after my surgery I noticed my right breast was larger then my left. Being familiar with surgery, I waited for them to settle and just thought it was due to being right handed.

At 7 months it was quite obvious that the right was larger then the left breast. I was extremely upset, called his office and made an appointment. My doctor advised my breast are completely even, but the side of my right breast and profile is larger due to my rib-cage placement and my right side lifting the right breast implant higher. I asked if there was anything that could be done and he said no and I shouldn't be worried about it. Only I could tell and no woman has the exact same breasts. I asked about putting a 50cc higher implant in the left side to possibly even them out. He didn't recommend it as a 3rd surgery is risky but would do it if I wanted it and of course charge me for it. Obviously I said no and left defeated.

I again waited until my year, still knowing that things could possibly change. I am now at 13 months and they are still uneven. My question is, is there anything that can be done to resolve this issue if I can't move past this issue?

Is it possible to create an even, matching symetrical breast visual line from the top, side and bottom of both breasts using silicone memory gel implants?

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I recommended alot of people to my surgeon, but I'm not happy with the way he handles post op patient concerns. Bed-side manor I should say.

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