Botox For Gummy Smile, Asymmetrical Results

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After researching Botox for gummy smile for 2...

After researching Botox for gummy smile for 2 years I finally had it done 2 weeks ago. I have asymmetrical results.

I really like the results on one side but the other side droops. I went to a highly recommended PS who is also a dentist.

I want to find a PS who can do this in Oklahoma, because I'd really like to keep up the treatments as long as both sides are symmetrical.

Do I wait this out and try again in a few months or do I get a touch-up and make both sides equally droopy?

UPDATE: I went ahead and had a touch-up...

UPDATE: I went ahead and had a touch-up (free) on the right side.  He said he put a very small amount in so I will have to wait and see if both sides are equal.  Despite the PS's vast experience he did say he has performed this procedure only a couple times before.  A rare request, he said, so I think the results were quite good considering that.  My internet research shows exactly the injection spot so I will talk to him about this next time so we make sure that my lip corners can still go "up".  That's the effect I don't like... that the left corner of my mouth doesn't go up in a "grin."

I had Botox for gummy smile and it has been nearly 2 weeks. One side of my mouth is satisfactory (my right side) and the other side is drooping. Do I wait it out or do I get a touch up on the right side so it matches the left? I like the look of the side that doesn't droop. Too bad the other side does. I'd really like to keep up the treatments!!

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