Vaser Lipo on Lower Abdomen and Flanks

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I had vaser lipo on July 15th of this year on my...

I had vaser lipo on July 15th of this year on my lower abdomen and flanks. My stomach is completely flat but there are these two soft bumps to the left and right of my belly button. They're not hard so I don't know if they're permanent or not. When I asked my surgeon about them, he said they were probably permanent and that I was being too critical.

Pros- My stomach is now completely flat. I work out and exercise so it was frustrating not to have the flat I've always wanted

Cons- 2 soft lumps above my bellybutton. I did it because I work out and eat healthy and could never achieve a flat stomach even while achieving other fitness goals and to improve my self-esteem.

Does anybody have any advice or has anybody had a similar experience? If a surgeon can help me answer my question, I would really appreciate it!

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My surgeon was very good overall so I don't want anybody to get the wrong impression. For the most part I'm satisifed, I just want to know how to get rid of the bumps. He's very experienced, has been awarded several certificates for best surgeon of the year, etc.

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