Good Invisalign Experience (Overcrowding and Small Mouth)

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I've worn my aligners for several days, and have...

I've worn my aligners for several days, and have no complaints. I've read several people complain about the buttons and teeth filing. My dentist discussed both of these with me before we committed to ordering the trays.

The buttons were uncomfortable, but all I had to do was call my dentist- I was in his office 1 hour later. Not only did he "soften" the buttons, he buffed the trays so that the plastic edge did not scrape my mouth. The buttons do make it difficult to remove the aligner. I was told to purchase the smallest crochet hook to remove them. (Just hook the bottom edge of your aligner and gently pull out and up, it really makes removal easy).

My lower teeth are slightly overcrowded and I have a small mouth. A slight filing of some of my teeth was necessary, in order to make room for my teeth to move. He was very careful to retain the shape of my teeth, even making the comment that "after filing, teeth should look like teeth, not planks."

I've had no problem with my aligners becoming dirty, I brush and floss after every meal, and brush my aligners (with a small amount of toothpaste)after every meal. I only drink water while wearing my aligners.

It seems that most of the problems I've read about have more to do with a lack of communication between the Dentist/Orthodontist, and the patient than with an actual Invisalign issue. If you are uncomfortable, have concerns or are unhappy, speak to your Dentist. If you don't, your experience may not be as rewarding as you'd like. If you Dentist/Orthodontist does not seem to take your concerns seriously, get a second opinion.

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