Restylane Injection in Tear Trough Caused Blood Pocket

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For the past 2 years I used Juvederm to fill the...

For the past 2 years I used Juvederm to fill the tear troughs. This was done by the same RN in a Plastic Surgeon's ofc and I didn't have any problems. This time she hit a blood vessel because the bruising started within hours, even though I applied ice immediately and for the first 24 hours (and I slept sitting up). Within 5 hours of the injection I could see it was going to be more than a bruise.

I had Restylane injected in my tear troughs 2 days ago and within 4 hours started swelling (minimal) and now have a large blood pocket underneath my eye (as wide as my eye). I was told by my RN to use Arnica topically and take Arnica tabs. I have done so since the injection and so far no change. Is there anything I can do to decrease swelling and heal? Should I seek medical attention?
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Would recommend for other treatments, not Restylane in tear troughs.

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