Seeking Advice - Left with Scarring After Fraxel Repair

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Hello, everyone. I'm a 26 y.o. female, about 11...

Hello, everyone. I'm a 26 y.o. female, about 11 months ago I've had Fraxel Eye Repair done. Actually I was satysfied w/my skin prior to that. The reason I went there is to get rid of a scar on my left upper-lid. Doctor took a look and said that my only option is Fraxel Repair, because my scar is old(5 years) .

Procedure was very painfull, afterwards the area started to bleed, so they put an ice bag on treated area, which felt like somebody was peeling my skin with a grater... Now I'm left with brown spots, scars which look like black holes, bigger eyebags, Scar is still same. The thing i worry is about that my skin under -eyes lost elasticity, it looks like it belongs to someone who is in mid 40's, and i'm only in her 20's!

How can i reverse effects of Fraxel Eye Repair? left with some scarring.What can I do with skin to bring elasticity back?
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