Fraxel for Ice Pick Acne Scarring and Hyperpigmentation

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I just had my third and final Fraxel treatment two...

I just had my third and final Fraxel treatment two days ago. With the first two treatments I was very happy with the results and the healing process.

I decided to do Fraxel for Acne scarring both ice pick scarring and hyperpigmentation. My treatments were spaced 6 weeks apart. I am 25 years old so it was strickly for the scarring and as well large pore size and uneven skin tone.

The pro of the procedure was the improvement in the depth of the scars and pore size and fading of the hyperpigmentation. I really did not experience any cons until I was treated my third time by a different technician. She went over very sensitve areas like under the eyes and around the mouth as she did the rest of the face and not they are irritated. Very red with little bumps.What I have found is the staff at the clinic and the technician not extremely concerned and quite pushy. I really question if they realize the severity of what they do. This is someones face they are working on and also spending thousands of dollars on.

My advice choose wisely and go with your gut instinct. Mine was to not work with the new tech but I was talked in to it and now I have spent two days stressed out over worrying about the results.

I am wondering if anyone else has experienced this. My third treatment 2 days ago has left me with uncertainty. My face seems to be healing as normal (bronzing stage) but the sensitve areas around my mouth and under my eyes look like they were done really aggressive. They are extremely red, under my eyes are puffy and around my mouth has little bumps all over. Is it too soon to judge? I am questioning it becasue I have not has this before and I am worried.
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I dont reccomend my provider becasue of my final experience with them. I was pushed into believing that I was safe with a new technician and I found everything I was concerned about they had an anser for,and I even received conflicting information for the Techs and when confronted they dodged the question.

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